Destiny 2: The Eclipse is available from today: let’s see the news –

Expansion available today, February 28, 2023 Destiny 2: Eclipse for all platforms i.e. PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This new content features several innovations that Bungie has made available through an official press release. Let’s see all the details.

Destiny 2: Eclipse Penultimate episode of “Light and Darkness Saga” video game. Players will have to fight against the Shadow Legion, discover a new city on Neptune and gain a new power.

This main News Destiny 2: Eclipse features:

  • Telescure: A fundamental power associated with Darkness; each class uses it in their own way but all gain a grapple hook to increase mobility
  • Neomuna: Neptune’s new neon city and home of the Guardians’ new allies, the Cloudwalkers
  • Legendary Campaign: A way to play the Destiny 2 story on a higher difficulty and get better rewards
  • Customizations: a new screen to more easily make our protector unique and save and quickly replace all equipment
  • Compliments and Ranks: Two new systems to encourage friendly interactions; commendations are given to allies to praise them, while ranks show the player’s skill level based on commendations and completed events.
  • Terminal Overload: A new activity to fend off Vex and Cabal attacks in Neomuna

It will also arrive from March 10 (18:00 Italian time) Raid “The Root of Nightmares” for six parents. The first team in the world to complete this will receive a special Raid Belt.

Bungie also confirms that L’Eclissi Edition + Annual Subscription now available on all platforms. In addition to the Standard Edition content (i.e. The Eclipse extension), it also offers the following content:

  • 21-23. Access to seasons;
  • Eclipse Dungeon Key, which provides access to two dungeons planned for Destiny 2 Year 6;
  • Instantly unlock the Argent Quickstorm Exotic Automatic Rifle with Catalyst and Ornament;
  • exotic goshawk from L’Eclissi;
  • Resistance Season and 21-23. Rahool’s Secret Stash containing exclusive resources available at the start of the seasons. Each Stash contains: an Ascending Alloy, Ascending Fragments, an Exotic message, upgrade modules, and an Exotic cosmetic item.

Bungie also offered: Season of Resistance will suggest:

  • Battlegrounds Resistance: A three-player activity where you have to rescue prisoners against the Shadow Legion
  • Pioneer Operations Playlist Update: The playlist will now include revised versions of two attacks: “Arms Dealer” and “Lake of Shadows”
  • Guardian Games 2023: expected in May, annual competition returns; Three Guardian classes will compete by completing events and dropping medallions to receive rewards, and will receive a memorial statue in the Tower for the next 12 months.

Finally, here’s the cinematic launch trailer of Destiny 2 The Eclipse from State of Play.

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