Destiny 2: PlayStation-themed armor also coming to Xbox

The official Destiny 2 account announced the arrival of a series of games. armor theme play station For Season of the Deep, the new season of the game. They will be available from May 23, 2023 and will cover several series.

The armor will be like this:

  • Titan – God of War themed
  • Hunter – Horizon Zero Dawn themed
  • Warlock – Ghost of Tsushima themed
  • Ghost shell – Last of Us themed

PlayStation armor sets will cost $ 20 each for a price that isn’t exactly very popular but in line with other sets.

This is the first tangible sign that Bungie is evolving into PlayStation Studios, if we want to. Note that PlayStation armor sets are available on all platforms, including: Xboxes and PC. If it makes sense on PC, we think the update will have a certain impact on Xbox, given that Sony now regularly releases on the platform.

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