Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be an “epic single-player adventure”, not a co-op game

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It will be “an epic adventure” single player!” According to the development studio Sleepless Games Following doubts raised by voice actor Nadji Jeter, who feared the game might have a collaborative mode in an intervention on SacAnime.

Imagine Jeter was talking about the game in September 2022, but his words weren’t caught by the net in time, and only started floating around today.

It should be noted that Jeter’s original sentence did not give any certainty on this matter. cooperative modebut he was just speculating that it might happen.

Regardless, many people started asking Insomniac Games about the gods directly, so the studio’s official account had to respond because of this, dispelling any doubt about the type of experience that would be offered.

It’s fair to say that despite the actor’s words, there really isn’t much doubt about it, as Insomniac has been talking about a single-player adventure with Peter Parker and Miles Morales since the game was announced. However, the misunderstanding is understandable considering that nothing has been shown other than the comics before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 so far.

Otherwise, the game information remains the same. Many, indeed almost all, expect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to be shown at the PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday, May 24, with the game’s release set for 2023, with many rumors speculating that it will be released in September, and marketing was done in September. Summer. In any case, we’ll see as there is little left to learn more.

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