Chinese developers are pro-buying –

As reported by the Seeking Alpha portal, Chinese game developers apparently yes they are positive expression alsoAcquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

The developers, who were interviewed with the local government, said that the 69 billion dollar maneuver will not cause significant competition problems in the country, based on the small market share of Activision in China. Among other things, we remember that Blizzard cut ties with NetEase and shut down the servers of most of its games in China.

This is certainly good news for Microsoft as the acquisition should increase its chances of being accepted in China.

Meanwhile, the Redmond giant should be able to persuade the British CMA and the European Commission, which seem to have sent their official objections to the maneuver in recent days. But in the US, it faces resistance from the FTC, which has sued Microsoft for blocking the operation.

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