It seems so sony to stay refuse to provide requested information both of them by Microsoft and the FTC itself as part of the federal commission’s lawsuit against the Redmond family to buy Activision. Sony has been subpoenaed by Microsoft as a relevant element to provide information that can giveContinue Reading

As reported by the Seeking Alpha portal, Chinese game developers apparently yes they are positive expression alsoAcquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. The developers, who were interviewed with the local government, said that the 69 billion dollar maneuver will not cause significant competition problems in the country, based on theContinue Reading

In an interview with IGN Phil Spencer I couldn’t miss a reference to celebrities either Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision BlizzardThe Xbox head has already said a lot self-confidentalso the whole process “aeducational experience“, as far as he’s concerned. “Until a year ago, I knew almost nothing about the process involvedContinue Reading