India Wants to Combine Gambling and Video Games in Same Category, Developers Oppose –

A group 44 developers Ratio of Indian gaming and esports company members resist a plan the government plans to implement combine traditional video games and gambling With real money in the same regulatory category, a move the developers say is inappropriate as it would merge two completely different industries.

organizer of the group Outlier Games He is among the executive, founder and board members of Gametion, Nodding Head Games, Ncore, Loco, Lila Games and SuperGaming.

“The two industries’ business models, consumer behavior, legal environment and environmental operations overlap. completely different between video games and online gambling games, it says “sectors in description”.

Developers, no country online gambling revenues in preparing video game industry market reports and forecasts.

The consortium asks Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologies Establishing a distinction between “video games” and “online gambling”.

Answer legitimate government concerns With regard to the traditional video game industry, the developers propose establishing an age and content rating mechanism specifically for India, in line with the EU’s PEGI and North America’s ESRB systems.

They also recommend “creating a solid framework to address issues such as children’s addiction to video games, their exposure to in-game purchases, age-appropriate content, and online dangers.”

India has repeatedly fought against video games by blocking video games like PUBG Mobile.

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