Astroneer on Xbox Game Pass was a godsend for developers –

developers astronaut They told their experiences Xbox Game Pass In highly positive terms, to praise the Microsoft service and reiterate its extraordinary importance, especially for a small studio like theirs.

In 2020, Phil Spencer explained how much money goes to developers participating in Xbox Game Pass, explaining that the amounts vary by deals, but in any case there are favorable terms for game writers.

“We published a paper highlighting Astroneer numbers in 2022,” wrote Adam Bromell. “In that piece, we showed that we had over eight million players at the time, 68% of them on Xbox and the vast majority coming from Game Pass.”

“However, we’ve since surpassed eleven million players and are still strong on Game Pass. We’re almost a fifty-strong company, and since we launched Astroneer – including the Game Pass version – we’ve almost closed accounts. It’s totally positive. We certainly don’t regret this choice. “

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