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atomic heartinteresting first title blackfishOne by Game Informer video related to Gameplay It lasts about seventeen minutes, during which different sequences of the game’s campaign are presented.

In the movie we find stages of exploration, some small puzzles, a bit of platforming and of course fights that face both impact and firearms to make the most of the aspects of a battle. combat system It definitely has potential.

Of course, not all promises made by the Russian development team were kept, and some critical issues led to very different international review scores for Atomic Heart, ranging from 4 to 9.5.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter set in an alternate ‘Soviet’ universe. As a special agent, we will have to complete a difficult task on behalf of the government,’ he says in the synopsis. Welcome to a utopian world built on wonder and perfection, where humanity coexists in harmony with loyal passionate robots.”

“Or so it used to be. Within days of the release of the new robot control system, only a tragic accident or a global conspiracy could stand in its way… Unstoppable technological progress and secret experiments have led to an uprising of creatures mutants, terrifying Now rebels against their creators. machines and super-powered robots. Only you can stop them and discover the dirty truth behind an idealized world.

“Using the combat skills bestowed by your experimental glove and an arsenal of cutting-edge weapons and knives, you will fight to survive in fast-paced and explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent. Combine skills and resources, use the environment and equipment to overcome any challenge and prevail over the good. raise it.”

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