Assassin’s Creed Mirage includes Arabic dubbing thanks to Ghost of Tsushima

Ubisoft announces existence of Arabic dubbing Assassin’s Creed Mirage (a first for the saga) also served as inspiration Ghost of Tsushima and Japanese dubbing.

Muhammed Alem The director and cultural advisor said: “The game is fully dubbed in Arabic. It’s part of the game. We paid particular attention to the fact that people like to play Ghost of Tsushima in Japanese, for example. Honestly, that would be a game of returning to the Middle East with Assassin’s Creed.” It’s a shame to miss the opportunity. [includere] “It’s a language that’s still here,” he says. “Even if you’re not an Arab, it’s better to play Arabic.”

Ubisoft explains that implementation of the language began early in Mirage’s development. Although linguistic and cultural relevance requires a lot of work, basic translation It was easy because classical Arabic was readily available and actively spoken.

Alem says: “Classical Arabic It is still taught in schools today. So people are growing and learning in the Arab region [la lingua]. Used in academia, entertainment, news and newspapers. Many books were also written in classical Arabic. So people got used to this language, which is still protected.”

Expectations for originality have also expanded Mirage’s English voice cast. “In the English version, some of the main actors are of Arab origin and speak the same language,” says Sala. “As for using Arabic place names and greetings, if you cast non-Arabic speaking actors, they wouldn’t be able to pull it off.” [pronunciare] “Everything is true and it would be strange for someone of Arab origin.”

Who helped make Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has the support of a great team

Ubisoft used localization and language services provider Arlation to ensure Mirage’s cultural accuracy, and eight linguists They worked on the game. Also Dr. He also collaborated with experts such as Raphaël Weyland and art historian Glaire Anderson.

Added to Alemam other Ubisoft collaborators He worked on language and culture. Maya Loréal, senior manager of inclusive games and content, and Malek Teffaha, senior manager of project management for inclusivity and accessibility, worked on the project.

The development team also enlisted the help of: Ubisoft task force For Humanities and Inspiration, Thierry Noël, in-house historians Dr. Led by Raphaël Weyland and Maxime Durand and Amy Jenkins, director of strategic alliances.

Ubisoft also revealed that Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the company’s most successful game on PS5 and Xbox Series

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