Asobo Studio: The A Plague Tale: Requiem team is working on a new game with Focus Entertainment

After the success of A Plague Tale: Innocence and A Plague Tale: Requiem, Focus Entertainment and Asobo Studio They announced that they have joined forces again. “Another exciting project”.

It’s currently unclear whether this is the third installment in the A Plague Tale series or something completely different, like a new intellectual property. last episode .

In fact, on this occasion, Focus Entertainment announced that A Plague Tale: Requiem had reached the quota. three million players Via cloud release for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Plague Tale 3 or a new IP?

It’s been clear for a while that something is brewing at Asobo Studio, thanks to job postings aimed at expanding the studio’s “Plague Team.” So it seems plausible that work on the next project has been underway for several months, although it’s currently impossible to determine whether this is a new IP or a hypothetical third installment of A Plague Tale.

What is certain is that the time is not yet ripe for the potential to be revealed soon, so we need to be patient.

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