Armored Core 6: Gamers use editor Kirby to create McDonald and SpongeBob-themed mechs

It seems that many players appreciate the freedom the game offers.editor related to Armored Core 6: Flames of Rubicon. No, we are not talking about the careful selection of the most efficient components to use in battle; instead, we’re talking about the painstaking work of finding paints and creating the perfect decals to bring inspirational and colorful mechanisms to life. characters from movies, video games and cartoons.

For example, in the tweet below we can see an all-pink machine based on Kirby, the famous hero of numerous Nintendo games. Then take a tour of the game’s subreddit and find dozens and dozens of creations that are inspired by a little bit of everything. From a McDonald’s robot to a reproduction of Mr. Krab in Spongebob, from Bender in Futurama to Venom.

It’s worth noting that these results were achieved within a few days of the game’s release, so we’re really curious to see what the community can accomplish as they become more familiar with the editor.

I turned myself into a machine suit, Morty! I’m Armored Core Rick!!!!!
with u/Mortimer McMire inside armored core

Bender Bending Rodriguez
with u/1oAce inside armored core

with u/eattoes2000 inside armored core

Call sign: Big Machine
with u/surroundlive_ inside armored core

To infinity and beyond!
with u/OKReplace7748 inside armored core

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