17 minute gameplay video for Under the Waves: Quantic Dream’s underwater adventure

Just a few days after launch Beneath the WavesThe underwater narrative adventure of Parallel Studio, co-developed and published by Quantic Dream, returns with a long series. gameplay videos 17 minutes.

The film opens with the protagonist Stan grappling with his morning routine at his assigned monitoring station at the bottom of the North Sea, and then performing maintenance work on the oxygen generators outside the structure.

Stan is then asked to investigate a container that has fallen into the sea, which the player will reach using a submarine and eventually discover the wreckage of an old ship nearby.

Some details about Beneath the Waves

Given that it takes place entirely at the bottom of the sea and provides little interaction with other characters other than radio communication, at least as far as we’ve seen, Under the Waves is a very strange narrative adventure. The game takes place in an alternate version of the 70s, when the technology was much more advanced.

The protagonist of the game is Stan, a professional diver who decides to take an extremely lonely job, which forces him to live in a monitoring station at the bottom of the North Sea on behalf of an oil company. During the adventure, the man will begin to experience strange events and will be called to make a difficult choice.

Available under the Waves at: 29 August 2023 For PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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