Apex Legends is presented with a Ballistic cinematic trailer

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts put on an amazing performance. trailer cinematographic to present Ballisticthe latest Legend Apex Legendswhich will debut on May 9 with the Arsenale season.

Wealthy heir August Montgomery Brinkman embarked on a path of self-destruction that led him to join Thunderdome Games, the precursor to today’s Apex Games, under the highly successful Ballistics and outstanding marksmanship nickname.

With Season 16, Apex Legends, which has strengthened by breaking the concurrent player record on Steam, aims to do even better from May 9, and Ballistics will be the key element of this strategy.

In fact, in the game we find the old villain, determined to ensure that his son doesn’t make the mistakes that have kept him in isolation for forty years, gnawed with guilt over some of the events he could have avoided while alive. participate in games.

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