Resident Evil 4 Remake: Latest patch eliminates speedrunners’ favorite gimmick

Looks like patch 1.05 Resident Evil 4 Remake removed a detail glitcheswhich came exploited by speedrunners Save precious seconds and minutes by skipping all parts of the game.

In addition to fixing texture and control issues on Xbox consoles we discussed earlier, today’s update go through closed doors and walls using rifle scopes in certain areas.

This flaw was fully exploited by speedrunners to shorten their time. For example, using this trick it was possible to skip the boss fight with Bitores Mendez in the Village or the entire section in the basement of the Fortress where the battle with Garrador was added.

Enabling the glitch in question was relatively simple, if not bug-free. To get in, you had to stand with your back to the wall or door and aim the visor at the ground several times. This caused Leon’s model to be attached to walls, thus allowing the player to walk through the walls. You can see some examples in the video below:

Obviously now it will be much more difficult if not impossible for speedrunners to break previous records, but on the other hand, it was inevitable that Capcom would fix this glitch because it was still an issue that could ruin the game for a player’s experience. when accidentally activated.

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