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Xbox Series X may also be released after the mini fridge toaster shaped Xbox Series S and other Xbox-themed gadgets made by third parties, according to a leak reported by Idle Sloth.

Especially Xbox Series S Toaster It will be launched at $60 and has two 40mm wide slots for 120 x 120mm bread slices, six levels and three cooking modes, anti-block function and non-slip.

There is no official source, but Idle Sloth, who is known for reporting the most important news regarding the Green Crusader ecosystem on Twitter, claimed to have received several direct messages to confirm its existence. In any case, it will be a gadget made by a third-party company, unlike the Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge marketed by Microsoft itself.

Among other things, it will not be the only unofficial Xbox device to come or available in online stores. an article written Xbox Roster Also the report other themed productsIncluding mouse pads in the form of two Microsoft flagship consoles with RGB LEDs for €29.99, Xbox Series X boxes for €40, a Halo-themed toolbox (free). And again a Series X pen holder for 9.99 euros and an Xbox tableware for 69 euros.

Frankly, the S Series toaster is the most eccentric and interesting gadget, and if it really hits stores, it could be the perfect gift idea for an Xbox gamer.

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