Xenonauts 2 trailer announces official release date on Steam

Xenonauts 2 there is one at the end release date An official announcement has been made on Steam by Goldhawk Interactive. trailer: strategy based on aliens and sci-fi will be available from July 18.

In short, five years after the demo’s release on GOG, Xenonauts 2 is set to debut in its definitive version, which will allow us to control a military organization and its technological structures. alien threat.

Set in an alternate 2009 with the Berlin Wall still standing and the Cold War at its height, Xenonauts 2 chronicles how humanity discovered the existence of hostile alien units on the planet and how their actions were aimed at destabilizing governments.

The synopsis for the game reads, “You will need to participate in war operations around the world to understand what you’re dealing with.” “Eliminate extraterrestrial forces in deadly tactical battles to save research samples, let your scientists upgrade your equipment and gradually uncover the truth about the alien invasion.”

“A wide variety of enemy types will keep you on the alert as you battle a multitude of species, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and fighting styles. Securing alien bodies to perform autopsies will tell you about their potential weaknesses and prepare accordingly.”

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