Xbox: Stallion83 announces Live Gold subscription until 2847

In September, Xbox Live Gold membership will turn into Game Pass Core, and on the occasion of this announcement, the famous Xbox player stallion83 has revealed that Subscribe up to 2847. We are talking about 844 years of Microsoft service subscription.

Stallion83 and Xbox Live Gold

If you don’t know, Stallion83 is the player with: World’s highest game score. When Xbox One was released, Microsoft decided to reward it with a lifetime Xbox Live Gold subscription (remember, there was no Game Pass at the time).

But now the player has revealed that “lifetime” means up to the year 2847, according to Microsoft. Until February 2, exactly. considering the possibility Convert to Game Pass UltimateIt is clear that Stallion83 will never have problems accessing Microsoft games.

Finally, our Xbox Game Pass Core exclusive article: everything you need to know about the new subscription and the end of Xbox Live Gold.

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