World of Warcraft: Blizzard announces what’s coming to Dragonflight with patch 10.1.7

World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight will be updated again10.1.7 updatebrought a few innovation Interesting in the world’s most famous MMORPG, including new content and improvements applied to the functions and game structure.

The name of the new update 10.1.7 The embodiment of anger and will soon be available in the game’s Public Test Area. There is no firm release date yet for the update to become available, but the first news will be available on the PTR soon before it reaches the final version available to all users.

In particular, Blizzard highlights some of the key innovations that come with this update, starting with the continuation of the update. story missions and in the prologue to the Campaign: new chapters of ongoing stories will be available, linking to what’s coming with the 10.2 update later this year, according to Blizzard.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, many new features from update 10.1.7

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, a screenshot from the game

With the update, players will have access to new episodes in the series. Quests to reshape Tyr and Rifts in Time (10.1.5) quests will be playable, where the bronze dragonflight is sought to solve attacks by Infinites in timelines.

Among the innovations is the Heroic Mode. Dawn of the EternalsWith the Dragonflight of Infinity, the eternal enemies of the Bronze Dragons, he finally finds himself before the ultimate goal: to transform the Aspect of Time Nozdormu into Murozond. This is a mega dungeon with 8 bosses on Mythic difficulty and will be split into two available dungeons on Heroic difficulty.

new ones are coming General goals With The Overdreams, there are world missions where various regions of Dragonflight will become Dream susceptible, spawn rare enemies, and drop a special currency that can be used to activate region perks and trigger Waking Dream invasion events similar to Rifts of Rifts. Time. Rare enemies empowered by Dream will also be able to drop equipment emblems.

Also, new customizations are on the way, such as Heritage Armor, new face and body tattoos for Night Elf characters, and new skin colors for Forsaken Undead characters.

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