World of Horror: Big update coming next week

horror world about to receive big updateeven if there are no precise details about it: in any case, confirmation comes from the game’s official account on Twitter, so we can underestimate this by waiting to find out the information.

Developed by Panstasz, the game is a bizarre adventure with black and white graphics and a particularly stylish “low-fi” look, reminiscent of the old text adventures style on PC and Mac. The reported and obvious source of inspiration is the manga author. Junji Ito and Lovecraftthus creating a really disturbing mix of suggestion and atmosphere.

You can get to know it better by reading the World of Horror review we published on these pages, but let’s just say that it is a title that should not be missing in the collection of anyone who is fond of the video game horror genre. and perhaps a fan of the aforementioned Ito, because this game really manages to recreate the typical atmospheres of his works in an interactive way.

Therefore, we are eagerly awaiting these new features, which are planned to arrive next week. Reportedly, this update will take place earlier this week, meaning we’ll find out more in a few days.

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