War Thunder is bombarded with scrutiny and developers are rolling back announced changes

This review the bombing Works? In some cases yes. For example, Battle Lightning It was attacked by its own players, who recently started posting negative reviews on Steam, bringing the game’s rating to “”.extremely bad(Recent ratings remain “Mostly Positive” overall.) Why The team announced plans to change the way the War Thunder economy works, and players didn’t comply.

more precisely, gaijinThe developer and publisher of War Thunder has announced its plans to introduce a number of changes to the game economy based on the SL (Silver Lions) currency for players to purchase vehicles, mods and repair damaged vehicles after matches and Research Points. To research new vehicles and units before purchasing (RP). Such changes will basically make it much more difficult to progress through the game without paying real money after matches.

There special currency GE (Golden Eagles), can be obtained by spending real money, can be used to buy SL and, according to players, it becomes more and more necessary to use it to power-up. Because of this, players started protesting War Thunder before more changes came along.

War Thunder suffers a different kind of bombardment than the developers intended

This situation caused a change Latest rating of the game on Steam. In response, Gaijin said, “We’ve been following the feedback closely, and we’ve also found that while some players generally agree with us, there are also players who don’t think these changes are helping them. That’s why we decided not to implement changes in the economy”.

However, Ganji definitely not a fan of the review bombardment“review bombing is damaging to the game because new players won’t try it, but it doesn’t raise awareness of the problems you notice. If your goal is not to damage the game, please use other less destructive ways.”

Review bombing can certainly be used negatively, we told you about it in our last article.

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