Vampire Survivors: The release date and news of the 1.5 update announced with a trailer

We got to see some new content during the PC Gaming Show 2023. Vampire Survivors. we are talking about1.5 update Introducing various innovations and will be available from tomorrow on June 12, 2023.

Update a new map“The Astral Staircase”, which will include “a spinning wheel with seemingly endless corridors, flying pictures and a game of chance triggering random events”. The new feature is not limited to Astral Stair – it can be activated on any Vampire Survivors map thanks to the new “Trisection” relic.

Patch 1.5 will also bring a fun change to the existing character horse on yacht, a cheeky bomb-thrower bear. “Embrace the Yatta Cavallo character into his new form! This will also transform his Cherry Bomb ability into a new attack.”

The last big change 1.5 brought, golden finger, a new turntable that makes you invincible and strong for a short time. The more enemies you kill, the higher “finger rank” you get.

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