Vampire Survivors passes 200,000 reviews on Steam and celebrates the weirdest of shows

Vampire Survivors We have passed another milestone: let’s talk 200,000 reviews on Steam. But the most important part is that these are almost entirely positive considering the features the game has. 98% on Valve’s platform.

The team also decided to share it with their followers on Xle more nice comments. For example, we might read: “This game is really cool. I wish the Italians were real”, but also “90 hours. No vampires. 10/10”, “No problem I guess” (with 836 hours of active play), “I started as a man with a whip, “In the end, I became a motionless tree emitting the smell of garlic. 10/10 I would tree myself again.”

Vampire Survivors, our co-op mode review

Vampire Survivors is not a very visually complex game

Among the latest innovations of Vampire Survivors is the cooperative we tried. In our review, we explained to you: “We have to say that co-op works very well in the early stages, but performs a little less well in the final stages, when you are very strong and there are hundreds of enemies. The problem, as anyone who has played a lot of Vampire Survivors will understand, is that these are the slow moments and the on-screen opponents “There’s usually very little movement because there are so many of them. There’s no way to move around the map very much anymore.”

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