Ultros announced for PS5 and PS4 with a trailer at PlayStation Showcase

During the PlayStation Showcase we saw some really interesting indie projects and among them we also UltrasA psychedelic metroidvania by Hadoque, versions announced today PS5 and PS4Along with the one for PC, 2024.

Ultras one Metroidvania-style 2D action adventure Set in space, with an eccentric graphic style, the soundtrack was composed by Hotline Miami’s composer El Huervo. As a mysterious mercenary, we will awaken in the Sarcophagus: a massive cosmic womb floating in space and containing an ancient demonic entity known as ULTROS.

We will be trapped in the endless loop of a black hole, and the only way to salvation is to explore the Sarcophagus and confront menacing alien creatures and shed light on the mysteries it hides.

“ULTROS is set in a multi-faceted world, in a vast alien environment teeming with life. Experience gruesome and brutal fights with cosmic lifeforms: precision is everything and every stroke of your sword counts. But these battles are the Sarcophagus, where you’ll have to cultivate Herbs and take care of the well-being of the vegetation. Contemplation and peace in. These activities will in turn give you access to the secret paths.

“For those who are curious (and fearless) enough, the rich world of ULTROS holds many secrets. A looping gameplay mechanic allows you to start over at key moments in the story, giving you the opportunity to reveal secrets, unlock different areas of the world, and new skills. Try out various skills and master a certain fighting style as you explore the world of ULTROS. Each cycle will bring you closer to the truth…”

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