Tyrion Lannister invades The Witcher 3 in a crazy parody video

We have now become passionate fans of the YouTube channel. eli_handle_bfor this reason, we could not help but draw attention to this new work of such an author. Tyrion Lannister invade your world Witcher 3He appears in various scenes of the famous game CD Projekt RED.

In this case, perhaps less crazy and sarcastic humor, but what is most striking in the video shown below is the excellent editing by the youtuber, whose productions are constantly evolving.

Adding the character in game of Thrones It seems particularly natural and well-made in this video that it appears to be an integral part of the game.

On the other hand, given some of the ironic lines involved in The Witcher 3, perhaps a Tyrion Lannister in it wouldn’t really clash, which seems to be confirmed by this hilarious video that follows the game’s various cutscenes and gameplay with this guest. .

The cuts, jokes, and lighting are also really top notch here, which makes us hope that we might see another eli_handle_b production in the near future. In the meantime, we remember Detroit: Become Human, who met the “Naked Gun”, and Ace Ventura, who turned into Geralt of Rivia, by processing the subject of this last video.

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