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Warner Bros. explained the details Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Trophies campaignThe game dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. Collaboration between video game and video streaming platform It will start on February 7, 2023 and will expire on February 24, 2023. By watching game-specific broadcasts, you will be able to obtain a number of aesthetic objects for your character. Also, there will be a special reward if you connect to the Avalanche channel.

More precisely, it will be possible get the following items: a pair of Silver Dragon Goggles (Face Accessory), a men’s cap (Head Accessory), a lightning red scarf (Neck Accessory) and a mauve outfit (Clothes). The loot is monitored every 30 minutes, so it will take you a few hours to get everything. Below you can see an image devoted to this content for Hogwarts Legacy. Also, the developer stream will allow you to get a Merlin cloak.

Items obtainable through Hogwarts Legacy streams and Twitch Loot

That’s enough to get the rewards follow the steps outlined on this page Dedicated to the Hogwarts Legacy. In particular, you will need to:

  1. Create or sign in a WB Games account
  2. Register your Twitch account with Warner Bros. Link to your Games account
  3. Watch a live Twitch stream dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy
  4. Check your Twitch inventory to check progress and earn rewards
  5. Get rewards for the game

Rewards will appear in the game If you are signed in with your WB Games account linked to Twitch. The official FAQ explains: “When you complete the Hogwarts Legacy intro sequence, get the How-To Guide, and access the Equipment screen, you’ll find the items in your inventory.”

Finally, we leave you with our video where we answer 100 questions about Hogwarts Legacy.

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