To a T announced in the trailer: The new game from the author of Katamari is on Game Pass

Keita Takahashi and the Uvula team announced He presented the first trailer of his new game titled to a T and focused on a very strange idea, as we might expect from such a character, Author of the Katamari seriesFor the opportunity coming to PC and Xbox on day one on Xbox Game Pass.

The first short teaser of the game was released last year, but there was still no title at the time.

Now although the title is really weird it’s there, on the other hand it looks like the whole game itself: To a T is aepisodic 3D adventureHe reads from Annapurna.

All good so far, but its structure is not easy to interpret: apparently, the male protagonist of the story is somehow a “T position“, whatever he does and at any time of the day.

This obviously includes certain situations that must be encountered, even if the exact evolution of the procedure is not clear. Gameplay. Although Annapurna and the Uvula Team say it’s a game with “an emphasis on characters, interactions, story, and exploration,” it’s not easy to understand what’s going on inside.

The protagonist’s name is “Young” and he must somehow be forced to live in this T location in the beautiful seaside town, having more or less normal life moments and various adventures with his dog. So let’s see the first fascinating trailer of To a T. Xbox Game Pass.

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