The Walking Dead: Destinies, early reviews are scrolling unchallenged

It looks like The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and Skull Island: Rise of Kong may have last-minute contenders for the nomination. The worst video game of 2023. we are talking about The Walking Dead: FatesAction movie based on the critically acclaimed AMC TV series, which hit stores a few days ago first extremely negative reviews Those who call it a complete disaster.

GamingBolt’s Shubhankar Parijat gave the game a less than poor rating 2/10He said he wouldn’t be surprised “if it’s put together in a few weeks” because “nothing in this game works and it’s full of problems.”

The same assessment comes from NintendoLife, which says “publisher GameMill should be ashamed “Selling The Walking Dead: Destinies at any cost, let alone $50,” calling it the worst game played in 2023.

Assigned from COGconnected with wider arms 5/10Ironically, he notes that it would have been perfect if it had been released 10 years ago, along with the first seasons of The Walking Dead, adding: “The game is played by Rick and his friends, their decisions make almost no difference.”

An announced disaster?

Initial suspicions about The Walking Dead: Destinies actually came from the first official gameplay scenes, and were reinforced by clips that some angry gamers shared on social media, showing a technically backward, bug-filled game. Despite the fact that it should be the cornerstone of the production, superficial gameplay and a disappointing narrative structure.

In fact, The Walking Dead: Destinies was presented as a third-person adventure that focused heavily on narrative. Adapted from the famous TV series A series produced by AMC in which the player’s choices influence and potentially distort the events seen in the first 4 seasons. For example, it’s even possible to let Shane Walsh survive by having him replace protagonist Rick Grimes.

Frankly, the idea, although very interesting, was developed hastily and superficially, leading to a result that was far from satisfactory. Interestingly, the game was published by GameMill Entertainment, publisher of the unsuccessful Skull Island: Rise of Kong.

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