The Sims 4: EA opens a poll to decide the next free-to-play content

EA has decided to give players a little more creative power. Sims 4. No, this is not a new update for the game, it’s a poll that lets you. Vote for the type of content you want Check out a few potential future packages. Fortunately, it’s not a large selection, so the selection is simpler and above all satisfies as many people as possible. Specifically, EA offers a choice between two versions of a pack dedicated to clothing and two versions of a pack dedicated to buildings.

As for initial content, fans of The Sims 4 can vote as their first choice for a pack”Rainbow Core style“, described as: “Clear, live, Rainbow Core! A playful aesthetic characterized by bursts of color alongside nostalgic and youthful patterns. Hug your inner child and dress your Sims in a rainbow of bright, colorful patterns.”

Second choice for The Sims 4 outfits instead”gothic fashion‘, described as: ‘Does the sight of a pink sweater make you nauseous? Perfect: Indulge your dark side and vote for gothic fashion! Dress your Sim in shades of black from head to toe – with modern knit and lace details, heavy dark makeup and quirky accessories, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Possible outfits for The Sims 4

When it comes to The Sims 4’s buildings, it’s the first choice”medieval castle“, “If you want to dig a ditch between you and curious neighbors, publish your choice of medieval castle! Build a castle with various elements such as brick walls, ramparts and leaded glass windows set in ancient stone! Your own personal castle in a kingdom far, far away.”

The second option for buildings in The Sims 4 “Futuristic Hyper-technological”, explained: “Tomorrow could be today! If you’re inspired by this extraterrestrial architecture with a sleek metallic exterior and glossy main base trim that’s ideal for any Sim from another planet, express your preference for high-tech futurism.”

Potential buildings of The Sims 4
Potential buildings of The Sims 4

you can find the survey This address.

Tell us, what are your options? Also note that some The Sims 4 packs are free on the Epic Games Store.

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