The Last of Us Part I on PC: mixed first ratings and also very negative from critics

they start arriving at this time first graders For The Last Part I Open computer and these also come in mixed ratings, as we can see from an early review on Metacritic insufficient and one in particular is very negative.

As the aggregator portal has only 6 votes, it’s too early to assess the status at this time, but the average Metascore is: 56that’s understaffed and it’s a really weird thing to see for a game that represents a Naughty Dog title and a masterpiece for the player community in its own right.

So let’s see the first votes collected by Metacritic:

  • – ​​75
  • GameStar – 77
  • – 50
  • Gamereactor United Kingdom – 50
  • Worth playing – 50
  • We Covered It – 20

PC version reviews are coming open delay Compared to when the game was released as Sony didn’t send out review codes to do the reviews at launch time, which in itself is already an indication that something is wrong.

In fact, it is difficult that the obvious technical problems of this port on the PC did not arise during the testing phase, so it is conceivable that the general silence in the review codes has something to do with a seemingly elusive situation. hours before launch.

Among the top 6 reviews available, three report 50/100 as a rating and one even 20/100, or a “2” of some sort, obviously indicating a severely underrated game with regard to the particular PC version. Meanwhile, Naughty Dog is taking precautions and has already released the first patch and then the second patch, but the road to fixing all the issues still seems long.

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