The Crazy Hyper-Dungeon Chronicles: Demo available for this entirely Italian-made role-playing game

We are pleased and happy to announce that the feature is available. demo related to Crazy Hyper Dungeon ChroniclesA. role playing game It was developed entirely for PC by Italian Fix-a-Bug and will be released in Q3 2024. It’s a 2D roguelike pixel-art dungeon crawler with turn-based combat and arcade elements that’s sure to appeal to those familiar with the genre.


“Immerse yourself in a chaotic, pixelated world where every level is a new beginning, every room a potentially deadly unknown, and every enemy a challenge that will test your composure and strategic skills. Are you ready to search for the Divine Groowl?” reads the official announcement and then goes on to explain what the experience is like for the demo. latest version.

To download the demo, go to: Crazy Hyper-Dungeon Chronicles Steam page.

Between Main Features The following features stand out in the game that Fix-a-Bug boasts: a combat system that blends action and turn-based strategy; procedurally generated levels; extensive arsenal of weapons and skills that will allow you to create your own playstyle; Many dialogues full of humor.

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