Stray on the ESRB-rated Xbox Series X|S and One: Coming to Microsoft consoles? [aggiornata]

Vagabond may be coming Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Oneconsidering that such versions of the game have appeared recently Classified by the ESRBor the American agency tasked with dividing products by age group.

It seems that the ESRB has removed Page for the Stray classification for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One: given that the PlayStation exclusive period will expire next July, it is possible that the commission pre-released the document in error and precisely based on these terms. will have to remove it.

Below is the original story, along with the updated tweet.

The particular sci-fi title in Feline Declination received an “E” classification, meaning it’s suitable for everyone, but particularly interesting, the platforms on which the game is classified, namely Microsoft consolesthis point is likely to come in the near future.

Stray is currently aConsole-exclusive on PS5released directly on PlayStation Plus and immediately became a kind of mass phenomenon: the Annapurna Interactive game, despite its distinctive character, was nominated for the title of game of the year on several occasions and was in widespread attention for several months. To numerous nominations at The Game Awards 2022.

In the absence of bugs that are still possible, the ESRB classification indicates that the exclusive relationship with Sony is almost complete, and thus Stray could come to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as is often the case with indie games. third parties.

Added to this was the hypothesis that it could be launched directly. Xbox Game PassConsidering that it launched within PlayStation Plus Extra on day one when it arrived on PS5, and these attempts often correspond between the two subscription services. In any case, we await any announcement from Annapurna Interactive.

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