Starfield vs Baldur’s Gate 3: Two RPGs seem to be at the center of a ridiculous console war

A strange conflict is taking place on the field. console warwith Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3 those who, despite themselves, seem to have become new champions forced into battle within the absurd dynamics of the world. video game cheer.

The reason is clear: Starfield is a Bethesda game and therefore Xbox Game Studios,special While Xbox and therefore considered the icon of this faction, Baldur’s Gate 3 is the title that PS5 is opposed, although it is only a temporary privilege.

Indeed, the choice little logicConsidering that Larian Studios has clearly stated that Baldur’s Gate 3 will also be coming to Xbox as soon as possible, it seems that it has now become a Sony-linked game in the dynamics of the console war.

Starfield versus Baldur’s Gate 3 in a ridiculous console war

All of this has led to clashes over two titles claimed by both groups as their respective champions: Baldur’s Gate 3 being a “trending” topic on Twitter right now and even outpacing Starfield in the past few hours has clearly flared up. war.

I have to say that this popularity is probably due to the chatter sparked by the famous bear sex scene, but that’s in the background for PlayStation fans who see confirmation that Baldur’s Gate 3 can beat Starfield in this case. popularity.

The strange thing is that Larian’s game is approximately Far from Sony PlayStation’s standard BlockbusterIt’s not yet clear how much of an impact the PS5 will make on its massive audience, but we can appreciate that a game like this has come into the limelight in one way or another.

Xbox users, on the other hand, are clearly proud to be able to count a game with the size and weight of Starfield among this year’s first-party productions, but wanting to “flex” such a custom game often adds a kind of cruelty frenzy. This reveal of Baldur’s Gate 3 has become a kind of limelight. complo To tarnish “their” game without realizing that the Larian title came out earlier (August 3rd 2023 on PC) and is still a game that deserves great respect given the tradition it represents.

In all this, PC users seem to be winners on both sides, given that they can play both games right away on day one.

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