Starfield: Cutting the PS5 version made it a better game, according to Todd Howard

According to Todd Howard,Xbox exclusive related to star field It made the game better. Lack of version PS5 It allowed the development team to focus more on other aspects. Bethesda executive and the director of the game touched on the issue in an interview with BBC and talked about the newly released game.

a better game

Starfield is a more focused game

According to Howard, “When you create something unique, you can focus more. Here’s why: “You know it’s the hardware or device that people will play with, so the ability to focus on that always leads to creating a better product. Naturally you want people to be able to play this. But being with Xbox has greater meaning Accessibility

Howard also added that Bethesda expects the game to have its best launch ever, thanks to the game’s more than 25 million subscribers. Playing card, who will be able to play right away? Starfield will also benefit from being associated with the Xbox brand, as with Zelda and Nintendo Switch.

Starfield was originally conceived as a title multiplatform. Plans changed when Sony tried to make the game exclusive to their platform, motivating Microsoft to purchase Zenimax, take the game and make it Xbox exclusive. If you are a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can of course also play on PC and all Xcloud compatible devices.

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