Starfield: A fan recreated all the cube-shaped dishes from the game

Everyone who plays the game Star Field Will definitely taste the chain’s food PartsSold in practical cubes, as appetizing as a public toilet after a sudden outbreak of dysentery. Fan with a strong stomach, @KatOfWhimsy

In the video added to the post, you can see all the Parts laid out on a tray. Diced potatoes, diced hamburgers, diced desserts, etc. You will definitely recognize it. Considering they’re built this way, they don’t look too bad, and they’re definitely more appetizing than the plastic-feeling ones in the game.

recipe books

You can also eat at Starfield

It must be said that he specializes in the creation of Kat of Whimsy. desserts from video gamesSo we can consider him an expert. In any case, one of the posts commenting on Chunks also showed the molds used to give different dishes the same dimensions.

Note that Kat’s work has also been recognized by: Victoria RosenthalAuthor of the official recipe books for Fallout, Destiny, God of War, Pok√©mon, Sonic, Final Fantasy XIV and other video game series. Yes, some video games even have official recipe books, and Rosenthal is a legend in the genre. Didn’t you feel hungry while reading this news?

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