Starfield: 300,000+ concurrent players on Steam

According to data reported on the SteamDB portal, star field finally crossed the ceiling 300,000 users simultaneously connected Open Steam Just days after the global launch, which took place on September 6th.

They are there at the time of this writing 313,694 players is currently struggling with Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG, the meter could swell further overnight (it’s currently 1pm in the US due to time zone) and the rest of the weekend.

right now this The fourth most played game on SteamBehind Baldur’s Gate 3 and its 458,351 concurrent players.

The numbers are very high, but not too far from those in early access

We’re talking generally excellent numbers for any game released on Steam, but what’s interesting is that these numbers aren’t that far off from the peak of almost 240,000 users recorded during the Early Access period. Starfield’s Premium Edition is available for 100 Euros.

However, a few hours after launch the peak was reached at around 250,000 users, meaning there was significant growth in the player base. on the contrary it is the percentage of positive reviews decreasedprecisely from 86% to 78%.

It must be reiterated that the Steam figures undoubtedly represent a positive outcome in any case; also the game Included in the PC Game Pass catalog and as a result, most people play the game using a Microsoft subscription. As proof of this, we know that Starfield surpassed the six million player ceiling at launch, according to Bethesda.

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