Skyrim and the arrow in the knee: Medievalist explores the game in 2024 and analyzes the topic

“I was an adventurer too, until I took an arrow in the knee.” We all know this sentence Skyrim, but have we ever really thought about its meaning? Can a soldier in the world of Skyrim, which we can define as medieval for simplicity, get rid of the arrow he shot in his knee and go back to work?

To answer this question, we can rely on a video that Kevin Hicks created for his own work. thehistorysquad YouTube channel. The man who discovered the existence of Skyrim in 2024 is an expert medievalist and analyzed the subject from a medical perspective. You can see the full video below.

Hicksa is also a series historical drawings Demonstrating support tools for the injured, and also recreating one in bronze and leather, he explained that it would not bring a soldier back into battle, but fit him for city guard duty. In short, Skyrim is historically accurate, even if we don't think magic exists and its wound can be healed by it.

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