Skyblivion: A video shows the massive progression of the mod that recreates Oblivion in Skyrim

Team at work mode The Elder Scrolls released a long and in-depth video where he talks about the progress made in this huge and ambitious project aimed at creating Remastering of Oblivion to useSkyrim engineit also shows some brief information about the settings and gameplay.

The video confirms once again that the completion of the work and subsequent release of the mod is scheduled for 2025. as shown in the video outlining which chapters have been completed and which are still under construction.

For example, related world map Most of the work has been completed, but areas such as the West Weald and the Nibenay Valley and some enclosed areas such as castles, shops and homes are still underdeveloped.

in relation to the questThere are 199 games in total, 97 of which are fully playable, 25 are under construction, and work has yet to begin for the remaining 77. The team is also bringing all of Oblivion’s in-game and out-of-game mechanics to Skyrim. Some are ready, such as weather, underwater combat, and magic crafting, while others, such as the attribute system and magic, are not yet complete.

If you’re interested in learning more about Skyblivion, you’ll find a four-hour gameplay video on our pages showing this massive mod in action.

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