Skull Island: Rise of Kong looks like it was developed in just a year

Skull Island: The Rise of Kong it makes a lot of noise and many people already consider it the “best” Worst game of 2023” and judging by what we’ve seen, it’s not without reason, but there seems to be at least a very specific reason behind these performances, so developed in just one year.

Considering current industry standard timing and the fact that this is a multiplatform game with minimal marketing behind it, a year of development is an incredibly low amount of time, which largely explains this. results was obtained.

Apparently this was uncovered by some anonymous developers on the team iguanabee He worked on Skull Island: Rise of Kong for GameMill Entertainment. “Development for this game started in June of last year and was supposed to be finished on June 2nd of this year, so it was a year of development,” explained an IguanaBee member.

Little time and little information

Skull Island: Rise of Kong, an image from the game

The development team in question is a small independent company based in Santiago, Chile, where he previously worked. Game Mill Little League World Series Baseball 2022 is another game that seems to have been developed in just one year.

In fact, GameMill seems to have an established way of working now; that is, contacting independent teams and assigning them to develop games in extremely short time frames. not providing enough information During the trial, as in Skull Island: Rise of Kong.

IguanaBee seems to have found itself facing major challenges during development; He had to be blind enough to think that the project would never be completed. Around February of this year, a crisis phase began, which led to the conclusion of the work almost unexpectedly by the developers, but with rather dubious results.

Despite this, the team in question also made a name for itself with interesting games such as the What Lies in the Multiverse puzzle, which won the Best Game: Latin America award at the Best International Games Festival. Unfortunately, the negative publicity resulting from the early screenings of Skull Island: Rise of Kong will not do the development team any favors.

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