Simulmondo is back in action: The historic Italian record label is looking for new projects to launch

It sure looks like it simulworld intend return to the sceneHe recently published a message on social media in which the company invited Italian developers and teams to contact him. produce projects under the historical video game label.

There is not much information about it at the moment: simply, below you can find a message from the official Simulmondo account inviting interested Italian studios to contact the company to be able to publish games using the famous brand, so we are waiting for any news about it.

Founded in Bologna in 1988 by Francesco CarlĂ , who is still responsible for the company, as the address for developers who want to propose their own projects, Simulmondo is a software house that represents an important part of the history of the video game industry. Italy.

Simulmondo and its history

Between games The most famous ones released by the Italian record label include a series of “3D” sports simulations such as Dylan Dog: Gli Uccisori, 3D World Soccer and 3D World Boxing, followed by 1000 Miglia, F1 Manager and various series distributed on newsstands again through 3D World Boxing. a private enterprise primarily concerned with comics.

Oddly enough, CarlĂ ’s new appeal to Italian developers interested in publishing projects under their own brand is somewhat reminiscent of the announcement he published in MCmicrocomputer magazine in 1987, which led to the founding of the company: it has a kind of historical appeal.

At this point, we are waiting to see whether the objection will be followed up and whether new projects will come from Simulmondo.

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