Sifu, a trailer reveals the latest update’s release date

L’last update related to happened there is one release dateIt was announced by Sloclap in the trailer you’ll find below: the bundle will be available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox from September 7, while on Nintendo Switch we’ll have to wait a little longer.

As reported a few weeks ago, among the contents of the free Latest Update of Sifu we will find: six new scenarios Seventy-five new challenges for Arena mode and a wide variety of modifiers and cheats, as well as some costumes inspired by the movies.

A valuable result

Released on PC and PlayStation in February 2022, Sifu made its way to Xbox and finally Nintendo Switch, embracing all available platforms and bringing crazy and spectacular action.

The concept behind the game is very interesting: a junior martial arts expertWe will have to defeat the gang of criminals that murdered our family, and to succeed in the attempt we will be able to rely on a mysterious amulet that will bring us back to life each time we are killed.

The point is that with each resurrection we will have to sacrifice a few years of life so that we will at times find ourselves older and slower, but at the same time equipped with superior experience and strength to wage our battles.

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