Sega announced that it has acquired Rovio and Angry Birds for 706 million euros.

After the recent rumors, Saw officially announced its plans buy RovioThe company behind Angry Birds, with a proposed $775.8 million, i.e. 706 million euros.

A few days ago, a Wall Street Journal report reported that Sega is very close to acquiring Rovio for a billion dollars. Today’s announcement confirms the rumors, but the actual amount Sega will invest is much lower. The Japanese company will pay 9.25 euros per share, 19% more than its price of 7,775 euros at market close last Friday.

That said, it’s a big investment, but one that will allow Sega to expand further into flashy markets. mobile marketThanks to Angry Birds and its spin-offs, as well as the great experience Rovio has gained in the industry over the years, it was confirmed in the press release issued by the Japanese company.

‚ÄúSEGA aims to accelerate its growth in the global games market and increase its corporate value by creating synergies between SEGA’s existing businesses and Rovio’s strengths, including global IP and live mobile game development capabilities.

“It aims to create synergies by focusing specifically on the following areas:

  • Leveraging Rovio’s distinctive know-how in live service mobile gaming to bring SEGA’s existing and new games to the global mobile market where it has great potential and can reach many users.
  • He is rapidly expanding the fan base of both companies by sharing his knowledge of media expansion of global characters.
  • Support cross-platform expansion of Rovio IP using SEGA capabilities.

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