Rocket League, Juventus and DSYRE announce the birth of an eSports team

Juventus And DSIRE they announced his birth a Rocket League team The Italian Rocket League Championship was created starting from 2023 to participate in eSports competitions dedicated to the famous Psyonix title.

Capable of scoring more goals 87 million players Following the move to a freemium model, Rocket League has doubled its user base in the last five years, and a vibrant eSports community has also formed around this rock-solid system, producing over three hundred tournaments in 2022 alone.

The team created by Juventus and DSYRE consists of three players: Davide “Davoof” Lo Cicero, Lorenzo “Dead-Monster” Tongiorgi and Ario “Arju” Berdin, both of whom were selected based on their success in the nationally competitive Rocket League. at regional and European level.


Juventus Brand Manager Gianmarco Pino said: “Our collaboration with the Rocket League DSYRE team confirms our commitment to eSports and shows how innovation can unite the virtual and real worlds of football.”

“Together we want to engage new generations in a way that reflects their passion for the game and for Juventus, continuing Juventus’ winning tradition in new and exciting territories.”

“One of the reasons for the birth of DSYRE was to connect esports to similar worlds such as traditional sports,” said President Andrea Cibelli.

“Expanding the range of collaborations with Juventus, the new Rocket League team is an example of this and embodies this shared mission of success, innovation and entertainment for all audiences, leading Juventus DSYRE towards new successes in both the sport and the brand.”

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