Respawn Entertainment is working on new intellectual property with Titanfall’s director

Director of the series Steve Fukuda titan fallworking with a small team somewhere new intellectual property related to Rebirth Fun. Nothing is known about the game at this time, as there still seems to be little, at least according to Vince Zampella’s sparse words on the subject, which emerged from an interview given to Stephen Totilo’s news outlet Axios. Respawn’s director, Zampella succinctly explained: “(Fukuda and Ed.’s) mission is to find fun in something new.”

Zampella also confirmed that despite the goodwill of the development team, nothing has been done about the Titanfall series at this time and therefore remains frozen.

Respawn Entertainment is a truly prolific software house. His is the newly released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Apex Legends, the battle royale live service that has been one of Electronic Arts’ biggest successes in recent years.

Zampella himself was tasked with saving the Battlefield franchise after the Battlefield 2042 debacle.

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