Quantum Bug: New game trailers, team clarifies Xbox and PS5 claims

Quantum Error was featured in two new gameplay trailers, and the team also clarified the latest allegations regarding Xbox and PS5.

TeamKill Media released two new gameplay trailers related to quantum errorits “cosmic horror” is coming soon, and on this occasion it’s also it also clarified some new claims about Xbox and PS5 This created quite a stir.

As we saw yesterday, the team found that Quantum Error looks better on PS5 due to the preponderance of SSD and instead considering the slower standard for archive management Xbox Series X | He had reported that it caused some development issues in S.

This did not go unnoticed, even considering the oddity of mentioning one version better than the other regarding a game about to be released cross-platform. The resulting discussions led to further clarification from the developers, who were better able to explain what they meant.

Quantum Error on PS5 or Xbox, TeamKill Media’s description

“We didn’t say the game doesn’t work on Xbox, the game 60fps with same graphics quality On both Xbox and PS5,” TeamKill Media explained in a later tweet. “We just mentioned that the SSD on Xbox is slower and we need to find a way to compensate for it. In Quantum Error we have a boss fight like in Ratchet and Clank that causes us to jump from one level to the next 4-5 times instantly, and without the extra speed of the PS5 SSD this fight can slow down or cause crashes, which can spoil the experience.

Honestly, even this description can be a bit misleading, recently on PC Ratchet and Clank also works with a mechanical hard drive, or in any case. any SSD It is also recommended as a request, so for a similar solution, the solid state memory of the Xbox should also be sufficient. As someone pointed out in the replies to the tweet, it’s possible that the developers decided to use the DirectStorage solution to improve performance, we’ll see.

By the way, on this page we can see a few examples of how the Quantum Error is demonstrated.

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