Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, a trailer presenting the gameplay of the new episode

new trailer presented Gameplay related to Punch Club 2: Fast ForwardThe new episode of the simulation series developed by Lazy Bear Games and published on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms this year.

This videoIt shows the various mechanics we’ll find in the sequel to the excellent Punch Club, which lasts almost five minutes, and this will allow us to follow increasingly difficult training sessions and also engage in street fights that can prepare us for the next big game.

Introduced in a trailer at IGN Fan Fest 2023, Punch Club 2: Fast Forward will change the scene and lead us to a dark and disturbing future, a world that inevitably puts the survivors in a difficult position.

“Let punches or kicks and low blows get in your way if you want,” the synopsis says. “Being the best fighter is not easy, it takes time, dedication, money and training! Increase your stats and techniques, plan your match and create your own incredible boxing school!”

“It feels better than losing and seeing everyone laugh at us, right? While nothing beats the old-fashioned approach of blood, sweat, and tears, neural training and illegal software are absolutely tempting… even if the risk of getting your brain fried is minimal.”

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