PS5: Record sales of 620,000 units in the US in March 2023, +32% compared to 2022

PS5 registered record sales for the PlayStation brand March 2023 Over 620,000 sales in the US and at least 32% increase over the same month of 2022.

After 38.4 million units were sold in the first quarter of 2023 and an absolute record was announced, the PS5 delves into the markets, revealing how it did in March. Outperforms results achieved by PSP in 2005

Overall, Sony’sbest eighth march for a console game systems, all of the first seven positions are occupied by Nintendo systems.

By the way, how did Nintendo and Microsoft platforms perform in March 2023? According to estimates, the Switch has sold around 310,000 units in total, while Xbox Series X | Approximately 270,000 units of the S would have been sold.

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