PS Plus Premium: A Disney game for ratings will come to the service

As reported by Gematsu via Above and released on PSP. This is probably the subscribers PS Plus Premium will be able to access that video game on: classic catalog.

Generally the online public doesn’t seem too keen for this selection. For example, one user on Reddit said: “It’s just like Toy Story 3… They need to choose better titles, it’s stupid to add titles like this when there are far superior versions. What a waste.”

To be clear, it means that the user in question exists PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii versions It would make more sense to add the Up video game (developed by Heavy Iron Studios) to the service. The observation about Toy Story 3 indicates that something similar has happened before: Although the PS3 version of the game was received very positively when it was released, the PSP version of the game was also added to the catalog.

PS Plus Premium, classic games but not just

PS Plus is divided into three levels: Essential, Extra and Premium

PS Plus Premium is Sony’s top-tier subscription service for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. bonuses. In addition to all the lower tiers (Essential and Extra), it also provides access to the aforementioned Classic Catalog as well as streaming games.

It is also possible to use time trials of some selected video games. 11 new Trials games for PS4 and PS5 were recently added to PS Plus Premium.

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