Pikmin 1+2, Digital Foundry’s analysis speaks of an unconvincing refactoring

Pikmin 1+2 stands as one unconvincing refactoring For Digital FoundryMagnifying the Nintendo Switch compilation to highlight the improvements made to the experience compared to the GameCube versions.

In our Pikmin 1+2 review, we highlighted the gameplay quality of two Nintendo classics that are still quite up-to-date, but from a graphical point of view we also added: more could be done.

Increased resolution and… that’s it?

An opinion shared by Digital Foundry explaining how Pikmin 1+2 offers an increase in resolution and very little compared to the originals, leaving the low-resolution textures and locked framerate at 30fps that characterize GameCube versions of games.

In short, it’s not the best job possible to re-recommend two episodes of Pikmin, which thankfully have held up well over the years in terms of content and mechanics.

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