People Can Fly: More than 30 developers working on Square Enix game fired

According to an internal email obtained by the Kotaku editorial team, people can flyThe studio behind Bulletstorm and Outriders, fired 30 developers of the employed workforce Gemini ProjectAn unannounced game to be published by Square Enix.

The email in question was signed by development director Adam Alker, who stated that the layoffs were due to budget constraints. Narrowing the scope of the game. In addition to the layoffs, approximately 20 people were also removed from development of that game but will continue to work on other projects for People Can Fly.

“We understand that this decision affects each of you and we want to express our gratitude for your hard work, dedication and contributions thus far,” Alker said in an email to staff.

“To those leaving the studio due to these changes, we offer our sincere thanks for the skills and expertise you have brought to the team. We keep our fingers crossed for your next steps in game development and offer you our full support”.

Gemini Project and other People Can Fly projects

This isn't the first collaboration between People Can Fly and Square Enix, who previously joined forces for Outriders. Development of Project Gemini has been confirmed in spring 2022, with a release date expected in 2026. According to Kotaku's sources, downsizing the project will lead to a shorter duration of the operation and a decrease in the number of enemies.

And this isn't the only game in development at People Can Fly, which confirmed last year that 7 different games were in development; These include “Project Dagger”, which was created in collaboration with Take-Two but decided to discontinue the game last year. signed a publishing deal with the studio.

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