Palworld: Xbox users play on average more than 3 hours a day, much more than Fortnite

HE palworld Besides, the phenomenon of the moment is definitely no secret, and now, thanks to the data shared by Matt Piscatella, we learn that: on xbox users are playing this more than three hours a day on average.

As we can see in the graph below created by Circana, from launch to date Verdecrociati users have played an average of around 190 minutes per day. Even close to launch, a Peak over 250 minutesmore than four hours a day.

As proof that Palworld's numbers are mind-blowing, we can see in the same chart that a game of the caliber of Fortnite, which is often among the most played on Xbox, logs an average of only 140 – 150 minutes per day. .

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